"Supporting the community that supports Jonny's is simply the right thing to do."
- Jonny

We love living and working in the Valley! And we are proud to be part of the diverse, hard working community that thrives together.


So at Jonny's, we are always trying our best to give back to our community in the best way we can. We realize helping everyone in need, although noble in theory, is much more difficult in reality.


We decided the best way we to donate was to spread it around. And this is what we came up with... Every year we accept donation requests via our website. We accept requests all year long.


We choose 3 charities every January. And to be fair, we randomly select 3 charities that filled out the donation request form.

The three (3) selected charities will be given an equal portion of our allotted annual budget for community support. We provide each charity a variety of options including gift cards, merchandise, & cash donations which can be redeemed all at once or over the course of the year for events the charity may be having.


Success! Donation Request received. If selected, Jonnys will contact your organization in January